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February 22, 2018     The Talbotton New Era
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February 22, 2018

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& PAGE 4-A - TALBOVrON NEW ERA - THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2018 r ,:, ? USPS 532-880 0per teh rib l (irdt oae, ROBERT E. TRIBBLE, President Ju I(~u~ I~aYF.~rrm Phone (706) 846-3188 JACK BAr~.~ Fax: (706) 846-2206 ~Y~ B~T~ news2 @star-mercury.com C~ Ous~ P.O. Box 426 BU=Nm I~Mm~ Manchester, GA 31816 ~mmsm PAI6E Kmr~aALL O~c~d Lega/Org~ of Ta/bot County. erers ry Readers of my column know I read a large number of newspapers and news sto- ries. Last week, while keep- ing up the tragic shooting at the high school in Florida, I stumbled across another story that caught my atten- tion. The story was about a couple of teens charged with murder in South Carolina who cried at a hearing after finding out they would not be released on bond. I'm really not a cruel per- son. I care about people and am a pretty giving person, but I have to say that when a person makes the decision to take another person's life and doing it without some at least logical reason, I'm usually not very understanding. If you take someone's life in a heated moment or acci- dentally, that is one thing, but premeditated murder is something all together dif- ferent. It means you thought about it, planned it and car- ried it out. For Drake Campbell, 18, and Jacob Mounzon, 17, the murder they committed was not only premeditated, it was vicious - and now they want sympathy and leniency I have one question: where was At the present time she is still recovering for her wounds. The story does note it is not clear who the shooter was, but it was at least one or the five men. After the shooting, the men stole two cars from the home and fled the scene. Mouzon, Campbell and his older brother didn't leave town but made a decision to hide out in a nearby wooded area. The police used blood- hounds and an anonymous tip and were able to track the three men down two days later. After finding the men, police called for EMS to make sure the men had no injuries and were taken care of med- ically. Last week, for the first time, the teens appeared before a judge. South Carolina law does not allow For the past two weeks we ugly endured the hardships have looked at the plain ole in its life for a season until the ordinary things in our lives beauty shown through. to see what we can learn from Now let's stop pretending them. Last week we looked at and look at the real bouquet ~:.~i~i~i~i;:~: the well pump. Let's look at of roses that someone who the rose today and see what loves you very much has lessons we can learn from it. ven you God. Today I want you to play The first rose in the bou- make believe with me. quet that He has given us in Pretend that someone you His Son Jesus, who is often love very much just sent you referred to as The Rose of me fight on through that time a pretty bouquet of roses. It Sharon, but in the beginning in my life until their beauty makes us feel good when it was not so. He was consid- was shining through. someone we love does some- ered ugly, was rejected, The third rose placed in thing special for us. We just cursed, spit on, beaten, humil- our bouquet was that spouse as well admit it! As we stand iated, mocked, yet He of ours. The rose of my life is admiring our roses not many endured the hardships of His my wife Frances, who for of us realize what those roses life for a season until the beau- sixty-one years has honored hadtogothroughjusttobring ty could shine through. And me by being my wife, and I this moment of joy to our when He rose the third day love her more today than fives, victorious over death we when we were married. She This bunch of roses was know without doubt that God and I have both endured the nothing more than an ugly placed into the vase ofugly parts of our marriage, rootinthegroundinthebegin- mankind the greatest gift He and just as the rose, the beau- ning. Then, after surviving could give us. ty is shining through now as the winter it began to show The second rose placed in never before! itsbeautyasspfingcame.The the bouquet was parents. I The next rose placed in gardener snapped the roses thank God for parents, and the bouquet is the children from the bush. The florist grandparents, who loved me and grandchildren. God gave arrangedtheminalovelybou- enough to correct me when I us a son and three beautiful quet. Then that person that waswrong, to praise me when granddaughters. Back when you love bought them, gave I was right, and to see that I our son and granddaughters them toyou, and through their was in church by taking me were younger and mis-behav- beauty told you, "I love you." with them. Yes, there was a ing we wondered how long it All of this was made possible time when I thought my par- would be before the root because something that was ents were ugly, but theyloved would turn into a rose. How long would it be before we get' to see their beauty shine through! But in those moments when one of the granddaughters slip up to you, give you a hug and say, "Papa, I love you," all you see is the beauty of the rose that God had given you. The last rose in the bou- quet we will mention today is the church Sixty-seven years : ago a rose was place in my . bouquet called First Baptist Church. This church has been : one of the greatest joys of my life over the years. We have j been up and we have been down. We have been through the ugly of Satan together, but fight now the beauty is begin- j ning to shine through once ,:d again As we close today, obvi- ously you have noticed that i have been a little more per : :!:] sonal in my column this week by sharing with you someof the roses in my bouquet. The whole purpose of that is to get you to look at the roses in your bouquet, behold them, smell their fragrance and honor them while you still can. Please take a long look at the roses God has placed in your bouquet! If you are a proponent of As a gun enthusiast and : dren. abolishing parts of the having been in a number of i~i ::::::::: ! : People, including parents, i Constitution, then don't read gun shops over the years, I~~'~ ~:~!:~:~: ~ are at the core of most prob- this as I do not want to be have yet to see an actual lems. i~I~~ iiii iii The National Safety responsible for driving up assault weapon on sale any- iiii i iii iiiililililMiiiiiiiiiii i Councilisestimatingthatover your blood pressure, where. Granted there are Another school shooting some models of weapons that 40,000 people died in car acci- and proponents of abolishing appear similar to military dents inthe United States dur- your right to keep and bear weapons, but they are not ing 2017. That number is arms come out of the wood- assault weapons. One can pur- i i iii! : :iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii: iiiii iiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii increasing every year despite work like night time creepy chase a little 22 rimfire rifle an ever-increasing number of crawlies, that looks like a military-issue purchased. During the entire laws governing operation of In what might well be a M-16, but they are far from time I was there, not one of motor vehicles. case of "monkey see, monkey the same. the guns attempted to harmIt has been estimated that sympa ,A::; d:o)enie.ncy judges to grant or deny, a enfly.a maj donor :. Highlighting this differ-: any of us. and some of them in 2016, about 59,000;people when hey partm pat- in murder cases. : Republican has enfly, One can purchase a are always loaded, in the United States ed br.Watet tI 'oiae person Mouzon's family saw itas:;.li::L id.his donations Will stop Bugatti kit car and mount it :The problem is, has been, illegal drug use, unless legislation is passed on an original Volkswagen and continues to be people and myriad laws prohibiting(:;i was killed and another shot their last chance to save the in an attempt to kill? boy. They begged the judge According to the newsto go easy on him, essential- story, the two teenagers and ly stating that while what he Kenneth Campbell, Jr the did was terrible, he will never older brother of Drake break the law again. His sis- Campbell, along with two ter even pleaded with the other men (not identified) judge for bail. went to the home of Kadeem Campell's mother plead- Johnson. The story states ed to the court as well stat- Johnson was a fellow gang ing her son was an "out- member with the three young standing American" and had men and they waited for him and he had signed up for the and his girlfriend to return Navy. home. Before the teens were The fivemen forced the convicted, family members couple into the home at gun- beggedthecourttograntbail, point, robbed them of about buttheprosecutorbeggedfor $3,000 and then ransacked the opposite, citing the diffi- the home to find any other culties during the investiga- valuables they could. The tion, "due to the violent story states, when the men natureofthecrime andalso decided they were not happy the fact it took four law with the loot, things went enforcement agencies two from bad to worse, days to apprehend [the The story says that offenders]." Johnson didn't struggle with As the boy's waited to men and they did not shoot hear the response, the seri- him as theyleft the home. The ousness of the situation start- men forced Johnson onto his ed to settle in, and both start- hands and knees, tied him up ed sobbing. with duct tape, taunted him Needless to say, regard- and then shot him in the back less of the Judge's feelings of the head execution style state law would not allow him as his girlfriend watched, to do anything regarding bail. i After the men killed It is a sad situation. One Johnson, one of the men man dead, a woman scarred quickly turned the gun for life and two young men's toward the girlfriend. The lives wasted. woman held her hands up to The fact is these men protect herself and begged thought this through, made a for her life, but that didn't plan and carried it out. I'm stop whoever the shooter was sorry to say, but in this case from shooting her multiple I have no sympathy and it's times in the hands and chest, my hope a jury won't either. THE TALBOTTON NEW ERA is published weeldy by Trib Publications,Inc. at 3051 Roosevelt Highway, Manchester, Georgia 31816. The Talbotton New Era is published proudly for the citizens of Talbot County and its goal is to produce quality, profitable, com- mpnity oriented newspapers that you, our readers, are proud of. We will reach that goal through hard work, teamwork, loyalty, and a itrong dedication toward printing the truth. USPS 589.340. Periodical postage paid at Manchester, Georgia, 3 816. i i FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS call (706) 846-3188 or write to Circulation ager, Talbotton New Era P. O. Box 426, Manchester, Georgia 31816. Subscription rates by mail: $20 in Meriwether, Harris or Troup Counties; $26 a year elsewhere. Prices include all sales taxes. Single copy 50 . i POSTMASTER: Send address changes to E O. Box 426, Manchester, G orgia 31816. that bans the sale of assault chassis. When finished the society, use and sale of illegal drugs i: weapons, final product will look like a We have become so per- laws that are regularlyi This is wrong on so many Bugatti, but when the engine missive that almost any aber- ignored, i levels that I simply do not have cranks anyone who knows rant behavior is allowed ': enough column space to anything about cars, will because there have been no THERE IS a way to de :,i i address them all. immediately know the car is repercussions for bad behav- with these problems . Our constitutional rights not a Bugatti- just a dressed ior. But the answers will not should not be subject to up Volkswagen. Several weeks ago I was be found in more laws or in bought, sold or bandied, t with a law enforcement offi- Hoffman and his cronies at the whim of someone with THOSE WHO perpetrate cer when a call came across blackmailing politicians. Part boatloads of money. Too many gun violence in this country his radio. Another officer was of the answer is in enforcing of America's finest sons and do not use assault weapons, being dispatched to a resi- the laws we have. daughters have paid an exor- They use readily available dence to deal with an unruly Answers canalsobe found bitant price - their lives - in handguns, riflesandshotguns, 12-year old child. Thatinparentsbeingparentsalong protecting our fights for such andoftenoperateoutsidelegal stunned me and I had to ask with hard punishment for to happen, means to purchase such how often such happens. The those who choose to willingly The person in question, A1 weapons, answer was more often than break the law. Hoffman, Jr. apparently sent The fact i.s guns are not I would care to know. That's my opinion. a letter to other Republican the problem. There is an easy answer donors calling for them to People are the problem, to misbehaving 12,year old withhold contributions as well I recently enjoyed dinner children that does not involve Andy Kober is a regular until the sale of assaultwith some friends. Theirwasting the time of law columnist for Trib weapons is banned, home contains quite a num- enforcement officers. It is Publications. He can be i Kneejerk reactions often ber of guns including hand- called parents exercising reached at put ignorance on display,guns and rifles - all legally responsibility in raising chil- andykober@hotmail.com Regretfully, it's again, right in the midst of Negro History Month and on Valentine's Day that our nation again is in mourning. It's been time after time that shooters have disruptively taken our loved ones. We are tremendously shaken by the unthinkable and unimagin- able senseless, rather pre- :!! More so, thank God it's not, but this could very well have been our brother, sister, or father All of these young teens were someone's daugh- Prayers and support goes out: ! to the families and may these victims rest in peace However, we must surely acknowledge the fact and : ter or son and the adults were thank .God that many lives :.: : someone's parent and child were saved because of self: :! too. Now we take a moment less, heroin acts of courage,/i of silence and remember as sacrifice and devotion, even never done before: Petergiving their lives. Do know, I :i Wang 14, Gina Montalto 14, purposelydidnotmentionthe ventable act of extreme school violence just days ago. Unfortunately it's where 17 innocent people were killed, of which 14 were teens, and 3 adult educators. Also, sadly 15 others hurt at the school in Parkland, FL. Worst than that, it happened again at a place where children suppose to feel and be completely safe. Then too, we as parents are relaxed and confident that our children are in an area and environment of safety, but seemingly not so Actually, they were killed by an AR-15 assault rifle, which the mental disturbed shooter never should have been able to purchase. Too many absolutely dropped the ball causing this horrific shoot- ing. As I said before, no one in authority wants to do the fight thing and make gun con- trol legislature changes or amends that will make a dif- ference in helping protect us, especially our children. Respectfully to Black History month, I'm humbly asking as my heart hurts that all please join and help me honor and remember these helpless victims of the school massive tragic shooting last week. Hopefully you will agree that this is the least we can do. So sorry I don't have pictures but do have the names. As we read the names, please share our hearts, thoughts and most impor- tantly our sincere prayer with the victims and families. Carmen Schentrup 16, Alaina Petty 14, Joaquin Oliver 17, Jamie Guttenburg 14, Nicholas Dworet 17, Martin Duque Anguiano 14, A1yssa A1hadeff14, Luke Hoyer 15, Helena Ramsay 17, Alexander Schachter 14, Cara Loughraan 14, Meadow Pollack 18, and adult educa- tors; Christopher Hixon- school's athletic director 49, Aaron Feis-assistant football coach 37, killed when he threw himsel in front o stu- dents to protect them rom oncoming bullets and finally Scott Beigel-geography teacher 35, killed while try- ing to usher students back into his classroom when the shooting started. Again, our continued teen shooter's name, as CNN never do, we don't by any : i mean want to honor or give : any recognition to him at all: Hopefully in time, he and his name will be forgotten and the victims and their names always remembered. In clos- hag, I say to everyone again, we are not exempted. I see so much unbelievable, despica- ble behaviors exploding with our kids nearly everyday. Nothing would surprise me at all. One father who lost a child that day said and I total- ly agree, "Take time to hug, to kiss, to hold your child each and every chance you can and tell them that you love them." May God's grace and mercy be with us aU!