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November 1, 2018     The Talbotton New Era
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November 1, 2018

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TALBOTTON NEW ERA ,a - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 ! Around Recon 4-h By Pres Hall HARD AT WORK - The Central High Hawks worked hard against the Hawkinsville Red Devils last Friday night on the road but when the horn sounded to end the game it was the Red Devils who captured a win by a score of 47-22. This Friday night the Hawks will host the Crawford County Eagles in a rematch from earlier this season. This will be the final game of the season for the Hawks and the team and coaches are asking the Hawk Nation to come out in force and help make some noise for the hometown boys. Kickoff time is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Please come out and support the Hawks Friday night. By JOHN KUYKENDALL The football season will come to a close Friday night for the Central High Hawks when the team hosts the Crawford County Eagles. The Hawks gave a valiant effort last Friday night on the road in Hawkinsville but was upended by a score of 47-22 and watched the season record drop to 0-9. It would be a lift for the Hawks if the team could close the season Friday night with a win and that is very possible. The Crawford County Eagles are coming off a loss to Greenville by a score of 30-13 and stand with a 2-7 record. The Hawks were upend- ed by Crawford County by a score of 35-0 earlier this sea- son, but the Hawks have improved since then. For the Hawks, the chal- lenge will be to force the Eagles into long yardage sit- uations and keep the Eagle offense off the field as much as possible. If the Hawks can The Hawks need fan supS, win in time of possession and port to help the team close force the Eagles to have to out the season with a victory, make long yardage plays, the Please come out Friday night chances of winning for the and make some noise for the Hawks improves dramacti- hometownboys.Kickofftime cally, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. THIS WEEK'S SCORES Central0-5 0-9 Region Crossover Results Region B Dooly Co. 47 - Manchester 20 Reg. O Greenville 30 - Crawford Co. 13 Schley Co. 5-0 8-1 Hawkinsville 47 - Central 22 Macon Co. 3-2 5-4 Marion Co. 24- Taylor Co. 0 Taylor Co. 3-2 4-5 Macon Co. 43- Brookstone 39 Dooly Co. 3-2 5-4 Schley Co. 45 - Pacelli 0 Hawkinsville 1-4 3-6 Crawford Co. 0-52-7 REGION STANDINGS Region A This Week's Games Reg. O : MHS vs Macon County Marion Co. 5-0 9-0 central vs Crawford County Brookstone 4-1 6-3 Greenville vs. Hawldnsville Manchester 3-2 5-4: Schley Co. vs Marion Co. Pacelli 2-3 4-5 Dooly Co. vs Brcokstone Greenville 1-4 3-6 Pacelli at Taylor County By Pres Hall DOING A GREAT JOB - The Central High Cheerleading Squad did a great job cheer- ing for the Hawks last Friday night in Hawkinsville like every Friday night. Thanks girls!! poisonous? By JACK BAGLEY didyouknowcolumn@gmail,com There's been a lot in the news lately about a substance that is widely used and abused dihydrogen monoxide. You've never heard of it, you say? Well, let me educate you a bit. Dihydrogen monoxide is perhaps the single most preva- lent of all chemicals, and it can actually be dangerous to human life. Most people just shrug off the proper concerns expressed about the substance, and that's a shame. See, dihydrogen monoxide is everywhere. You ingest a good deal of it every day. It's found just about everywhere on Earth. It is even suspected to be found in outer space! It's an insidious little booger, too. It man- ages to make its way everywhere, even in between layers of solid rock. It's in the air, it's in the trees and plants, it's literally all around us. And, in a weird way, I'm glad that itis. You see, dihydrogen monoxide goes by another name water. Why did I go through that? To prove to you that things aren't always what they seem to be. But you already know that trivia is exact- ly what it seems to be enjoyable! Drop an e-mail to me at didyouknowcol- umn@gmail.com and I'll be happy to answer. Let's get going with some really great triv- D/d you/mow one package of ramen noodles contains about 50 percent of the recommended daily intake of salt for a human being? Yes, the sta- ple food of college students everywhere is not necessarily good for you, at least as far as salt is concerned. (But they taste so good!) only female ducks quack? Male ducks, known as drakes, can coo, hoot, honk, and grunt, but they don't quack. (That fact just quacks me up.) men are struck by lightning seven times more often than women? (Shocking, I know.) tiger sharks usually only give birth.to one live baby shark? That doesn't mean that there's only one embryo, though. As they develop in the mother shark's womb, the embryos fight each other. The survivor is the one that gets to be born. (These guys are born fighting!) a group of owls is called a parliament? (That's a wise old saying, isn't it?) tomatoes were once put on trial? On September 25, 1820, the town of Salem, New Jersey, held a trial concerning tomatoes. Popular belief was that they were poisonous, but some people knew better. One of those was Colonel Robert Johnson (1771-1850), a farmer and horficulturalist. The colonel stood before the court, grabbed a tomato, and bit into it. Everyone waited and watched, expeCt- ing Johnson to drop to the ground dead. When that didn't happen, the trial was dismissed and tomatoes were brought into the mainstream of culinary culture. (It gave the tomatoes time to "ketchup" with the rest of the fruit world. Sorry about that.) Halloween, a fun event here in the United States, is not as well liked around the world? Countries such as France and Australia con- sider Halloween an unwanted - and overly commercial - American influence. (And?) there is a condition called "pareidolia" in which people see deities or gods in inani- mate objects, such as buildings or food? (It's fine to see deities. When people see me in buildings or food, it's time to get professional help.) an unidentified flying object, or UFO, is not necessarily the same thing as a "flying saucer"? A UFO is simply something in the sky that you can't identify. It doesn't mean that anyone else can't identify it. And also, an aerial anomaly only qualifies as a UFO if it's in the air. It can land, hover or depart, as long as it's in the air part of the time. (It helps to believe in them if you see one, too.) your eyelashes live between 150 to 200 days before they fall off? fingerprints aren't the only ways peo- ple are unique? Each of us also has our very own iris, ear lobe, lip print, toe print, voice, teeth, retinal pattern, and tongue print. (Tongue print???) the rarest diamonds are green? (With envy of the other diamonds, no doubt.) the nation of India sent two elephants to Japan in 1949? The purpose was to help cheer up the spirits of the Japanese Empire, which had been defeated in World War II. (It must have worked.) there are more dogs in the city of Paris, France, than there are children? (Make of that what you will.) a standard Monopoly game comes with $15,140 in play money? (I love playing Monopoly, especially when I get to be the banker.) there is a term for the fear of opening your eyes? It's called "otophobia." (I always thought it was called Monday morning.) one in four American households owns a cat? (At last, a way in which I figure in some percentage of the population!) the color of roses you give has mean- ing? Red, of course, means love and respect. But deep pink means gratitude; light pink, admiration or sympathy; white, friendship, reverence, or humility; yellow, joy; orange, enthusiasm; a red and yellow blend, joviality; and pale blended tones, sociability. (Just when I get red roses figured out, they go and make it complicated.) American money is not printed on paper? It's printed on a sheet made primarily of linen. Look closely at that dollar bill in your wallet, and you'll see red and blue threads woven into the fabric. Now you know/ By LTC Roy Bolar PRESENTING OUR NATION'S COLORS - The Central High School JROTC present- ed the Nation's Colors during the game against Brookstofie High ChO Ji. J'h e Colo " Guard consisted of Cadets Ajalon Malone, Trent Desue, Kelvin Johnson and Daneysa Dickinson. Also taking part was the 5th Grade Junior Cadets; Alisha Parham, Jamari Jones, Khamora Henry and Jakeria Wilson. "THE BEST IS THE STANDARD!" mM g luuatli|m I I | November 2nd: 7AM-4PM November 8AM.1PM 7144 Lone Oak Road, H0gansville, GA 30230 WALKINS WELCOME! BRING A FRIEND1 Equal Opportunity Employer: Mln0rity/F0ma lublltty/Veter .F,